A New Metaverse Game on Solana...

Plutonians is a new web3 game from U.A.Fabrica

Plutonians is an NFT enabled and SPL token powered space RPG video game. The game framework will be developed as a combination of web2 multiplayer universe, and web3 enabled metaverse.
Built in the spirit of openness that the Metaverse demands, Plutonians is a persistent-state web3 video game, with an underlying framework of primitives built to leave open the graphical layer to be reimagined by the community if they see fit. This leaves open the option for mobile, tablet, even ar, vr and beyond...
“Resist the temptation to know where you’re going.”
– Tom Sachs

Platform agnostic.

We don’t want to limit ourselves to one platform, besides, it would be an impossible task for a single company to build the Metaverse (even for Facebook) but what we can be is open to the new platforms that our users are already on, and as they emerge... what does that mean in a practical sense? For an avatar NFT would come with a version rigged for VR chat in addition to being usable within the Plutonians game itself. Or a spaceship in Plutonians could be represented in other games, and vice versa (metaverse collaborations).


A hybrid mix of Escape Velocity, Homeworld, and realtime RPG games. Combining classic shooter action with strategy, in-game co-op, building, and collecting.
Take on the role of a pirate and board and loot disabled vessels, or take a more diplomatic approach in the nearest cantina. And when done with the single player mission, build your own with the level editor! Or explore the work of the community with the Plutonians expanded universe, the best of which might even be included in the next expansion pack.

own your in-game items...


Building the foundational game interface with web technologies will position us perfectly to take advantage and be a first mover into the forthcoming WebGPU specification, for example. This will allow us to expand the graphics capabilities of the game frontend almost as soon as they are made available on VR platforms. These technologies are already avaliable on standalone VR headsets (Oculus Quest 2 etc).
Case in point, this space ship!

The future of VR

In recent years VR has made its way from massive bulky headsets tethered to your PC, to standalone devices, and now goggles. If this sounds familiar it should be, this mirrors the trajectory of the smartphone which was fledgling for decades before it exploded. In 2017, a mere 10 years after the iPhone's launch, it had sold 8.5 billion units and has reached total ubiquity.

As the lenses and screens improve, so does the vision of the road ahead. Facebook's pivot into the Metaverse is a powerplay that leverages their earlier investment in Oculus, but as with the iPhone, it's the artists, app developers, and content creators that were best positioned to take advantage of the new economies that these new devices enabled.

The Metaverse?

What is the metaverse? The metaverse is simply a shared virtual 3D world (or worlds) that are interactive, immersive, and collaborative. The metaverse is also a persistant space, meaning that things are always there, goggles on or off. Reminds you of anything? Crypto and web3 are busy perfecting such persistent states and permenant storage like arweave or IPFS.

VR, NFTs, and fast scalable blockchains. For the Metaverse to exist it feels like we are at the intersection of all of these things, and we are at the very beginning

The Crew